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Lt. Will Armstrong

Special Forces


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Stargate: Special Forces | Das Brandenburger Fanfilmprojekt zu Stargate

Science Fiction
Fan-Film Project in "Brandenburg" (Germany)
Stargate: Special Forces is a german Fanfilmproject in "Brandenburg", which has an good financial base.


„Special Forces“, Pilotfilm, the number of episodes is still unknown
Foreword: episode one of the german Stargate fantrilogy is mainly about the story, how a new Goauld become to brought to the Game, he is so similar as Anubis, because in view of his brutality he was been afraid from his conspecific and they banished him therefore like Anubis. He calls himself "Month" (the egyptian god of war). Month just will make powerful anger in this episode and that will not change in future, so much be already times betray.
The Proceeding: After the Special Force Teammates have become acquainted with in a first teamconference, they go after an short discussion of the Situation to an foreign worldmission.An Goauldagent who nests itself in one SGC worker flee through the gate of an goauldplanet that no SG team had explored before. Because no other SG team is available, Special Forces is doing the job to stop the Goauldagent over each price, because he have important security informations that would bring the earth in big troubles.The risk, that nobody from the Special Forces comes home is very high, because they don´t know who or what is waiting on the other side. It comes as expects to an fight of life or dead, that will be deliver until the end of the film. The enemy succeeds it with clever maneuvers, because the advantage that he knows the Planet expertly to use. Will the Special Forces get the Goauldagent? Be strained, because as much is already times betrayed : It wil be a very surprising end with Adrenalin until the last second. Viz enjoy you about a very special fanfilm. The film comes also with english synchronization.

Ricardo Lehmann (Will Armstrong)
Matthias Schaller
Matthias Schaller
Ricardo Lehmann (Will Armstrong)