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Exclusive Interview with Paul McGillion (October 2008) - English Version

Dieser Interviewbericht wurde von Zero verfasst.
Veröffentlichung: 06.03.2009

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Paul McGillion was born at 5th January 1969 in Paisley, Scotland, as the sixth of seven children. At the age of two, his family certainly moved to Canada. He came back to Scotland as teenager, but he returned again to Canada after seven years. He taught theatre in Toronto, Canada after his post-graduate.

He is part of “Stargate Atlantis” since the pilot “Rising” in 2004. His representation of the Scottish doctor went down well, so that he was integrated as often as possible in season 1 and he was advanced as main cast in season 2.

Unfortunately his character was killed in an explosion in the episode “Sunday” in season 3. The fans however protested heavy against it, that he was allowed to come back for two episodes in season 4. Beckett will also show for some episodes in the 5th and last season of “Stargate Atlantis”.

We have been on this years F.A.C.T.S-Convention (Fantasy, Anime, Comics, Toys und Space) in Ghent, Belgium and we had the opportunity - among to Cliff Simon (see here) - to have also a short interview with Paul McGillion.

Stargate-Project: Hi Paul. Thanks that you’re taking time for this interview with Stargate-Project. How are you today?

Paul McGillion: You’re welcome. Awesome - just had lunch, I feel fantastic. Very busy here in Belgium, the last night and again this morning. The fans are being fantastic and super friendly. Yeah I have a great time.

SG-P: Have you already tasted the Belgian pralines?

Paul: Yes I love the Belgian chocolate. The Belgian fans have given me some chocolate.

SG-P: Your actual project is "Star Trek". Could you maybe tell us something about it?

Paul: I can’t really tell you anything about it - I signed a letter of confidentiality, but I can tell you that I am very excited to do a big movie like that. You know being part of the “Star Trek”-Franchise is very exciting to me. I love watching “Star Trek” and it was a lot of pleasure to work with J.J. Abrams, the director of the movie, I know what a great guy he is. I’m just again really excited to see myself, so I think all the fans should really look forward to it. I loved it, but I can’t say too much.

SG-P: Did you enjoy to record the audio book "Perchance To Dream"?

Paul: Yes I loved it. I really loved working on an audio book. It’s very different… You really throw the character into it and it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed it.

SG-P: What tempted you to accept and play the part of Dr. Beckett in Stargate Atlantis?

Paul: When I first read the script I thought it was great - the pilot "Rising" - I everything enjoyed to read. I said do you know that would be fantastic and I love to read for the role of Carson Beckett. And I was able to do the Scottish accent for the part. Initially they didn’t want a Scottish accent, but I thought it just works for me. I thought I’ll do the Scottish accent and thankfully they wanted another Scot(t) in the sky so to speak.

SG-P: Are there any parallels between you and Dr. Beckett?

Paul: Definitely yes - I think every role to a certain degree is an extension of the actor. I think you have to bring yourself to the part - so absolutely yeah.

SG-P: Do you already know if you will be a part of the planned "Stargate Atlantis" movie?

Paul: They have asked me to be a part of the "Stargate Atlantis" movie. We have not even finished the deal yet already like that, but Joseph Mallozzi mentioned to me that I’ll be in the movie which is great. I’m looking forward to be in the movie and shooting it - to be back and do the movie together will be a lot of fun.

SG-P: Are you still in touch with your actor colleagues from “Stargate Atlantis” or do you even made friends with someone of them?

Paul: They are horrible *laughs* No kidding - I talked to Jason the other day and I saw Rachel last week. I’m looking forward to see David and his wife Jane in Los Angeles hopefully soon.

SG-P: Do you want to share your funniest or your most embarrassing moment on set with us?

Paul: Definitely the most embarrassing moment was when David Hewlett kissed me. The first time he caught me off guard -he was laughing and he just grabbed me and went for it - I didn’t expect it coming like that. We’ve had such a laugh during the show and so many good times with all of the cast. Rachel is so easy to tease - she has such a good sense of humor and Joe Flanigan planting some rocks in my backpack one day and we were heading to another location. He is pretty funny tricking on me - awesome time with him.

SG-P: With what would you impress a woman and how looks a perfect first date like?

Paul: How would I impress a woman? Wow… Well I just think you know being yourself and being honest and hopefully the girl has a good sense of humor. Take her to a nice dinner and you know maybe a movie at some point of time. I like to cook too, so maybe I can cook dinner for a girl. I like to do that and hopefully she is impressed. I think I’m a pretty good cook and then we will see what happen / what we have for dessert…

SG-P: With which actor or which actress do you wish to work together, if you will get the chance?

Paul: So many great actors are there you know... Meryl Streep is fantastic and Jeff Bridges (Beau Bridges’ younger brother) is another favourite of mine.

SG-P: Is there something you always wanted to do, but you didn’t had the heart to do it?

Paul: I always want to go hang gliding, but I’m too scared.

SG-P: How does a perfect relaxing evening looks like to recover from a stressful shooting day?

Paul: I used to have a hot bath after work and then just have some dinner at home. Maybe make something to eat or go out for dinner with some friends, have some wine you know, depending if I’m working the next day.

SG-P: When will we see you again on a German convention?

Paul: When the Germans invite me. I love going to Germany.

SG-P: Thank you so much Paul.

Paul: You’re welcome.

(Our reporter Dini Rühl with Paul McGillion in Ghent)

Article written by Michael Bartl (Zero)
Interview, translation & photos: Dini Rühl (ginny81)

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